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Child Care Resume&Cover Letter Guide
07 August 2022 • 5 min read
Wisedoc Expert Team

You love baby so much that you want to find a career in childcare.

But to get the job, we need to do some homework first.

Understanding the job duty, as well as the job requirements are very important to you.

Because recruiters and parents are always looking for the best for their angles.

Yes, you believe you are the best fit. However, how to make HR agrees with that?

A shining resume!

Yes, let’s get it!

This Guide Will Show You:
  1. What Are the Daily Jobs for Child Care
  2. What Are the Qualifications of Being a Childcare Provider/Teacher
  3. Let’s Study a Good Sample of Child Care Resume
  4. Express Yourself Furthermore in Your Cover Letter
What Are the Daily Jobs for Child Care

What is child care?

Child care or baby care, refers to the care and supervision of one or more children at a time, whose ages span from two weeks to eighteen years.

What does childcare provider do?

Well, your work is mainly divided into three aspects.

Number one, babies! Feeding babies, changing diapers, putting children down for a nap, and facilitating play activities. Your goal is to keep the child(ren) safe, happy, and engaged.

Number two, classroom and play area. Setting up and opening the daycare area, ensuring the space is safe for use and reporting any damage or deterioration, clean tables, worktops, cribs, toys, and other surfaces daily.

Last one, parents. Yes, you have to know how to communicate with parents in a positive and friendly manner. On the one hand, parents want to know their child’s day at daycare through you. On the other hand, you also need to understand the child’s background and psyche through their parents.

What Are the Qualifications of Being a Childcare Provider/Teacher

Reading the job description will be the best way to quickly figure out what are the job requirements and what are the relevant keywords that you want to mention in your resume.

A good candidate should have the following skills and personalities which are required for daily work.


  1. Ability to lead a classroom with more than three children.
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  3. Good relationship building skills.
  4. Able to maintain a clean and orderly environment.
  5. Able to plan and implement age-appropriate lesson plans.
  6. Teamwork skills.
  7. Knowledge of Microsoft Office.


  1. Flexible.
  2. Patient.
  3. Creative.
  4. Positive.
  5. Claim.
  6. Professional.
  7. Reliable.

If you have Montessori-teaching experience, then this would be a big plus for your application.

Moreover, it is better to know that there are trainings which need to be completed either before or after hiring, such as Adult/Pediatric CPR and First Aid, Food Handlers Certification, Recognizing and Reporting Child abuse and Neglect (RRCAN), Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety (ICCHS), Prevention is Better Than Treatment (PBTT), and so on.

A Good Sample of Child Care Resume

Remembered that the hiring manager is searching for a highly careful and disciplined person.

Therefore, you should not make any mistakes such as different font sizes or font styles in the same paragraph, or even typos and grammar mistakes. Review your resume multiple times before you send it out.

Long phrases are also not recommended. Generally speaking, it is preferable to use short, keyword-rich phrases. Also, don't forget to present each part utilizing bullet points. This results in a fantastic resume.

Each subheading on your resume should be written in bold type to catch the reader's eye.

Lastly, keep your resume to no more than two pages so the hiring manager can quickly scan it.

Now let's see how we should deal with each of the main sections:

Personal Info:

  • Your name should be the biggest test on your resume and locate at the top.
  • Your email address should be professional, having your name in the email address would be the best option. And you can use your school email if you are still a student.
  • Revise your Linkedin profile page to look professional before you put that on your resume.


  • Present your achievements and related experiences in the first sentence, and explaining how will you help the organization in the second sentence.


Patient and energetic child care provider with 2+ years of experience creating a warm, nurturing and fun environment for 7+ children with 100% positive feedback from parents. Seeking to deliver high-quality child care at Moon Monkey Day Care.

Work Experience:

  • Chronological order is recommended.
  • Try to add quantifiable achievements.
  • Starts your bullet point of your experiences with a strong action verb.


  • List childcare-related courses that you have learned.
  • Present your GPA if that is more than 3.0/4.0.
  • High school diploma is also acceptable.


  • List credentials, trainings, and certificates that fits the role.


  • Categorize your skills into different sub-groups.
  • Don’t forget to list your soft skills, such as communication skills, decision-making skills, and active listening.


  • Your awards may not be related to this job, but it shows your highlights from other perspectives.

In brief, your resume should catch the employer's eye by demonstrating your qualifications for the position through evidence of your abilities, formal education, certifications, and work experience.

Express Yourself Furthermore in Your Cover Letter

A cover letter is an excellent opportunity for you to show your interest, passion, and expertise in the job. You must explain why you but not others without re-summarizing your resume. They must have already gone through your resume, so tell them something they don’t know but can address your highlights or achievements in your past career.

Even you have never worked on any cover letter before. This article will teach you how to draft one within 10 minutes.

However, everything you discuss in your cover letter should align with the employer’s needs. Focus on what they need rather than what you want to deliver. A good resource that you can take advantages of is their posted job details.

Remember, always be honest, do not brag about yourself. Lying is the least thing you want to do.

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