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7 Simple Tips for Writing an Impressive Customer service Representative Resume
05 September 202210 min read
Wisedoc Expert Team

What's a business or company without customers?

Customers are vital to a company's success, and if they are not properly catered to, it'll negatively impact the company and its success rate.

This is why many companies invest in and have high expectations for their customer service representatives - after all, they are the ones that mostly interact with the customers.

As a customer service representative, your priority is to the customer, and you must ensure that they are properly satisfied with the company and the services rendered.

Yes, you know all this, and you consider yourself a seasoned customer service representative. You are patient, you know how to inspire calmness and resolve issues; in short, all the necessary skills you need to have as a customer service representative are in your arsenal.

The only thing left to do is to write a perfect resume that will leave your prospective employers with no choice but to give you a call, and that is exactly what we are here to help you with.

Below, we'll go over helpful tips that will help you write an impressive customer service representative resume that will have your phone ringing up with invitations for interviews.

7 Simple Tips That You Don’t Want to Miss
  • Use a Simple and Efficient Format
  • Write a Crispy Opening Statement
  • Properly Highlight Your Skills, Achievements, and Responsibilities
  • Follow a Structured Format for Important Information.
  • Tailor Your Resume to the Job
  • Highlight Hobbies and Interests That Are Relevant to the Role
  • Make Your Resume Ats Friendly
Use a Simple and Efficient Format

According to HR statistics, recruiters spend an average of 6-7 seconds on their first look at resumes.

This means that you have a very small amount of time to convince your potential recruiters that your resume is worth looking at.

So how do you convince recruiters not to drop your resume and move on to the next candidate's own?

The answer is formatting.

How you format your resume largely determines how attractive it will be to recruiters. If your resume is easy on the eyes, recruiters will spend more time looking at it; otherwise, it may not even take up to 7 seconds before they drop it.

To make an amazing first impression with your resume, format it using the following tips.

  • Arrange it in a reverse chronological method.

This means that you should arrange it in such a way that your recent experiences are listed first, with previous ones coming behind.

  • Use a friendly and easy-to-read font.

Don't use cursive or difficult-to-read fonts, no matter how beautiful they may be. Resume-friendly fonts include Times New Roman, Verdana, Helvetica, Lato, etc.

Additionally, it is recommended that you use bold, italicized, or capital fonts to highlight important information such as your email, name, phone number, and section headings.

  • Use headings and subheadings to make information easy to find.
  • Save your resume as a PDF file in order to make its arrangement consistent on all devices.
  • Leave enough space between words, sentences, and headings.
Write a Crispy Opening Statement

Your opening statement sets the tone for the rest of your resume, so it has to be nothing short of amazing.

However, many job seekers are sometimes confused about whether their opening statement should be an objective or a summary.

Here's how to know which one to go for.

If you're relatively new to the industry, your opening statement should be an objective highlighting your limited experience and skills, as well as why you are the best fit for the role.

Example of a customer representative objective

Passionate and driven ULCA student, working towards graduating with a BA in English Language. Trained in interacting with and serving customers in a campus restaurant. Also experienced in effective communication and conflict resolution. Hoping to get the new customer service representative role at ABC and leverage interpersonal, technical, and communication skills to offer top-notch customer service and build customer loyalty and participation.

For people with more professional experience, a brief and engaging summary showing relevant professional experience and key achievements are recommended.

Example of a customer representative summary

Hardworking customer service representative with over 7 years in the industry, dealing with and responding to all sorts of customer inquiries and issues. Eager to join ABC and utilize relevant expertise and experience to achieve the best customer service. Previously helped to retain 78% of the customers, awarded employee of the month for 27 out of 35 months.

Properly Highlight Your Skills, Achievements, and Responsibilities

Now that you've successfully gained their attention with a great format and opening statement, it is time to tell your potential recruiters that you have what it takes.

Work Experience

Here are some tips on how to write your previous job description as a customer representative.

  • When describing your previous job experiences, write out the skills you used, your achievements, and your responsibilities in concise terms.
  • Capitalize more importantly on soft and hard skills relevant to the role.
  • Use action and power words. E.g., Solve, identified, proved, increased, boosted.
  • Use numbers where possible.
  • Highlight problems you proffered solutions to.

As a customer service, you are talking to the customers daily, so your most important skill is interpersonal skills, which you have to address thought your entire resume.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Demonstrate to the potential employer that you can do the job well by listing the achievements and responsibilities of your previous jobs in the most effective way.

Action verbs and measureable success are the key tricks that can help you stand out among others.

  • Handled 100+ calls daily, resolved customer issues, and responded to inquiries alongside other duties like retrieving customers' data, signing up new customers, and providing relevant information on products and services. Increased NPS scores by 12%.
  • Placed, canceled, and resolved issues on customer orders. As a result, boosting customer satisfaction by 35%.
  • Maintained customer retention by 20% above average.
  • Prepared monthly customer satisfaction reports and helped draw insight on how to satisfy customers better.
  • Won employee of the month award 4 times by utilizing superb communication and interpersonal skills in customer interaction.
Tailor Your Resume to the Job

This might just be the winning factor that will make you stand out amongst other candidates and make your potential recruiters reach out to you.

Before you apply for a particular role, ensure you properly understand what the recruiters are looking for, then tailor your resume to show that you are well suited for the role.

For instance, if the job ad says that they need a CSR that can answer questions on products and services, include product knowledge in your list of skills and also highlight how you answered questions on the product and services in your previous place of work

Follow Structured Format for Important Information

For important information about your person, such as your name, educational background, and so on, it is advisable you go with a format that will be easy to understand.

Personal Info

Email: Abbytailor@gmail.com (Your name contained email address is highly recommended)
Phone number: +1 234 68269 (Ensure it is a working line)


2013 - 2017
BA in English, Harvard University
GPA 4.98/5

  • Emerged as the best graduating student.
  • Participated in community clean-ups and outreach
  • Was on the student council for 5 semesters

If you have customer service certifications, also include them, however, in a separate heading.

Highlight Hobbies and Interests that are Relevant to the Role

Recruiters aren't looking for robots, they want to know that you are human too, and your hobbies and interests are the best ways to showcase this.

Pro-tip: when listing out your hobbies, list the ones that reflect your personality and have something to do with a customer service representative job.

Make Your Resume ATS Friendly

A lot of companies now use ATS (Applicant tracking software) to make the recruitment process easier and faster.

Your resume will often pass through this software before landing on the recruiters' desk.

To ensure you pass the ATS screening, use keywords from the job ads at strategic locations such as your opening statement, skill list, and job description section.

However, do not copy and paste the exact job ad, as it will be a big turn-off to recruiters.

Final Comments

In summary, here are the tips to help you land your next interview as a CSR

  • Use a simple and efficient format
  • Write a crispy opening statement
  • Properly highlight your skills, achievements, and responsibilities in your previous jobs
  • Follow a structured format for important information
  • Tailor your resume to the Job
  • Highlight hobbies and interests that are relevant to the role
  • Make your resume ATS friendly

As a customer service representative, your resume should speak for you and show potential employees that you know your onions, and with the tips we've listed above, it will do just that!

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