How to Use Google Resume Template to Create a Simple Resume
25 May 20226 min read
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Why are you search for resume templates everywhere?

If what you need is just a simple resume without too much customization, then actually you can create one by using Google Docs.

So, Google Docs does provide 5 resume templates in total, which contains both single-column and double-column.

Don’t worry too much, Google Docs is efficient and easy-to-use! Plus, we will guide you through the entire process. At the end of the article, we will share the pros and cons we think for creating resume using Google Docs.

It Will Cover:
  1. Introduction of all Google Docs Resume Templates
  2. Complete Your Resume in 3-Steps [Tips&suggestions]
  3. Pros and Cons That Google Docs Has
Introduction of all Google Docs Resume Templates

So what are the templates that Google Docs has?

Google provides 5 templates in total: two are double-column style and three are in single-column. However, not all templates have a room for you to insert your profile image if that is what you need. Let’s go through all the templates one by one together.


It is a double-column resume. Different sections are separated by thick black lines, which makes it easy for readers to find the content section that they care about. It is so scannable that it makes all your info easy-to-read.

And, it actually has a matching cover letter template in Google Docs if you need.


It is a double-column resume. It leaves so much space to your name so that your name will easily stand out. Different from Swiss, it doesn’t have lines to separate each section, It makes your resume appear more like a continuous story.

All the selected font format in this template are pretty light, it feels clean, neat and elegant.


It is a single-column resume with simpler style, presenting your information in order of importance. I would say this is the most classic one among all 5 resumes.

It is simple, yes, but because of the simplicity, it can be used in applications for any occupation, it never goes wrong.


It is a single-column resume, pretty professional look. You let people know your current title at the beginning of your resume, followed by listing your professional skills.

I would highly recommend people, who has already been working in the industry for few years, to use this resume template. It gives you enough room to talk about your skills, as well as your work experience. That's your strength, and it's what recruiters care about the most.

Modern Writer

It is a single-column resume. As you can tell from the name itself, it is in modern style. Your name is displayed right above the thick section line, which makes it pops.

For me, this resume may not necessarily be fir writers only, I believe Software Developers will also love this template.

Complete Your Resume in 3-Steps

Pretty much similar to how you create your resume in Microsoft Word in terms of the flow, but the advantage of using Google Docs is that you don’t need to look for templates and it already has some default color combinations and font selection, so you don't spend more time on deciding these things.

  1. Open Google Docs and pick a template from its Template Gallery
  2. Start to fill in your personal information
  3. Check your resume once again before downloading it
Open Google Docs and pick a template from its Template Gallery

I guess you already have a Google account, open Google Docs in your browser with your account logged-in. You will see “Template gallery” at its home page right above recent opened file display.

Click it, then all different types of templates will pop out in categories. And what we are looking for is “Resume” section.

Click the template that you like, and we can start to fill in your personal information.

Start to fill in your personal information

Every new resume file has some pre-fill content to indicate what info you suppose to write down, and there are always some tips you have to know for each of the section. Here I just list some of the must-know tips. To learn more about it, you can spend another 10 minutes to learn a complete guidance of how to write resume, or you could also watch our video.

Personal info: Have a nice professional email with format:

Experience: Use bullet-point to make your contribution or achievements much clear, and please also use action verbs to start each and every sentence. This makes it easier for the recruiter to capture what he is interested in.

Education: List your school in reverse chronological order, which means always list your most recent education on the top.

Skills: segregate all your skills into different sub-sections. E.g. hard skills, soft skills, softwares, tools, communication skills, management skills.

Awards: Think of yourself as a recruiter and think about all the awards that you have. Only list the one that you think is valuable to the company.

Start to fill in your personal information

It is always a good idea to double-check your resume once again, people make mistakes but reviewing can resolve that. That would be great if you can ask some to help you check, since it is really hard to find your own problem.

Once everything looks all set, click “File” on the top left corner, then click “Download”, then pick a one which you would like to have.

But, remember, it is always good to only submit PDF to the company or recruiter.

Why? Because Doc or Docx format may have version issue, which means you may send the right document, but when they open it, it may show some wired format issue.

Pros and Cons That Google Docs Has

Every coin has two sides. It is definitely a great tool to create a simple resume for your job application, zero learning curve, pretty much when you see it, you know how to use it. And it is FREE for unlimited downloads. And it supports both PDF and Docx which a lot of online resume builder actually cannot achieve.

However, if you have any advanced requirements, then it may not be powerful enough to support your need. Here is what I thought.


  1. Easy-to-use, almost no learning curve.
  2. The preset template format saves a lot of time.
  3. Unlimited FREE downloads.
  4. Support both PDF and Docx.
  5. 5 Templates for you to choose.


  1. All resumes only contain basic content sections, but if you happen to need section like Hobbies&Interests, then you will have to create one by your own, which means you still need to deal with formatting.
  2. Adjusting font size or font type is painful because you must change them one-by-one, there is no other way.
  3. 5 templates may not be enough for some special users. If you have a graphic designer, you may not find any Google Templates which works for you.
  4. If this is your first time creating a resume, you may still get stuck on how to finish each of the resume sections. What you need, apart from resume format, is writing guidance or tips.

Basically, you need a smarter resume editor which can solve all the above issues. Don’t get me wrong, Google Docs is still a great tool, but users deserve a better solution.

With Wisedoc editor, every resume templates, we have a matching cover letter template for that, and there are 50 resume templates in total. And we provide step-by-step expert tips to the users which will guide you through the entire process. Furthermore, the font style and font size can be changed together in our master format control panel. Last, we have pre-built 19 different resume sections for users to choose, and you can always create one for your own if nothing fits your need.

Build Your Resume
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