How To Write Work Experience Section In A Resume [10+Examples]
30 September 20227 min read
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Three important sections recruiters pay attention to in a resume are the education and the work experience, and skills section.

These sections are important factors that determine whether or not you will be favorably considered for the role.

Among them, the work experience section is the most difficult one because there are so many ways you can list your previous job and your achievements or highlights. So how can you put it in a concise, attractive, and professional style so that you can get the phone call from HRs?

Below, we'll go over how to write work experience section of your resume in such a way that will set you apart from other candidates.

In This Aritlce We Will Talk About
  • A Crispy Summary of Your Career Can Grab HR’s Eyes
  • 5 Information That Need to Be Covered in Work Experience Section
  • Most Recent Work Experience Always Go First
  • Helpful Tips When Writing Your Work Experience Section
  • Work Experience Examples for a Resume
A Crispy Summary of Your Career Can Grab HR’s Eyes

A good Summary Section should be able to summarize the highlights of your entire career, your work experience, and the major professional skills you have developed on the way. The goal is simple, grabbing the readers’ attention so they will continue reading your following resume sections.

5 Information That Need to Be Covered in Work Experience Section

After optimizing your opening statements and catching the recruiter's attention, it is time to tell them that you are exactly what they are looking for, and your work experience section is the best way to do that.

The following content should be in your work experience section:

  • Job title and position
  • The company/ organization name
  • The company's location
  • Duration spent at the company
  • Responsibilities and achievements
Job Title and Position

Your job title should be accurate and official, which does reflect your real role in the work. The reason is that recruiter may have a chance to call your previous company and validate your work history.

So never make up a work experience and put it on your resume. It is just a matter of time before people will figure it out.

Company/ Organization Name and Location

Write down the official name and address of your previous company, and test if you can find the company by searching the company name, which you will use in your resume, on Google.

Duration Spent at the Company

Most people use the standard month-year format (mm/yyyy or mm-yyyy) to list the duration of each previous job.

If you have a period where you were not working, don't just ignore it and go ahead with your next experience. Recruiters are often quick to assume the worst about gaps.

Rather, explain what happened in concise terms before moving on.

Responsibilities and Achievements

HR cares more about what changes you have brought to the company while you were working there, which means you need to spend your energy on highlighting your achievements. There are certain ways to help you do that, and we will talk about them in the following section.

Most Recent Work Experience Always Go First

When writing out your work experience, you should start with your recent work experience and work your way downwards.

In other words, write it down in a reverse chronological order.


Senior Human Resources Advisor
Mavis Discount Tire
Katonah, NY 10536
Jan 2014 - May 2019

  • Performed employee relations, conduct HR investigations, and manage staffing to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Reduced the temporary workforce turnover rate from 420% to 13% during peak production.
  • Junior Human Resources Advisor
    R&M Manufacturing
    Buffalo, MN 55313
    Jan 2009 - Dec 2013

  • Facilitated management development and non-exempt employee training.
  • Facilitated recruitment and interview processes for exempt and non-exempt candidates
  • Helpful Tips When Writing Your Work Experience Section

    A great resume should have a consistent work experience format and be easy to follow.

    The ideal resume length is one or two pages, and seeing as your work experience section isn't the only section your resume will have, you have to make it as concise and clear as possible.

    Your work experience section should clearly showcase that you have the necessary skills that will make you indispensable to that organization.

    Therefore, you must arrange and format your work experience section in such a way that will leave the recruiters no choice but to invite you over for an interview.

    Write out achievements instead of responsibilities if you can

    A typical mistake many job seekers make on their resumes is to list their responsibilities at their previous jobs instead of their achievements.

    Recruiters are more interested in how you helped your previous organization and any quantifiable result being produced from your work, not necessarily the tasks you had to carry out.

    So, your work experience section is the place to brag about your accomplishments and achievements. You don't get points for being humble about your accomplishments.

    Instead of

    Made posts across different social media channels daily.


    Increased online presence and customer interaction by 20% by creating engaging and relatable social media content.

    Examples of typical achievements for a job:

    • Expenses you reduced
    • Revenue you generated
    • Social media follower you increased
    • Customer satisfaction rate you increased
    • Product return rate you reduced
    • Ideas and innovations you introduced
    • System you developed
    • Awards and Honors you won
    • Funding you received
    Use bullet points when listing your achievements or responsibilities

    Never use paragraphs to list your achievements or responsibilities. There are many ways to save space, but this is the least way you want to do it.

    Listing your achievements in bullet points makes your content easy to read, which means they can read further in your resume within the same time frame.

    But it doesn’t mean you can list bullet points as many as you want.

    Try to keep your bullet points up to five at most per each job.

    Include awards and recognition

    As we said earlier, your work experience section is all about bragging about yourself. So if you've received some award or recognition at your previous workplace, you should include them.

    You can list all of them under a separate award and recognition section or include them under each company's responsibilities and achievements section.

    Use action words and keywords

    Another tip to help your resume stand out amongst those of other candidates is to ensure that you start every achievement with an action word.

    Examples of action words to use are:

    Organized, developed, created, facilitated, improved, increased, optimized, and so on.

    While action words will impress recruiters, keywords will ensure that your resume makes it past the applicant tracking software (ATS) that most companies use to streamline their employment process.

    To know which keywords to include, study the job ad and take note of the skill and qualification requirements that keep appearing. Then, make sure to include them in your work experience section.

    Tailor your experience to the description

    One of the things you can do to stand out further is to tailor your resume to the job description.

    Try as much as possible to write your resume in such a way that will show that you are perfect for the role.

    For example, if the job ad says they want a product designer who can design for both mobile and desktop, it would help to specify that you've done something like that in your previous work experiences.

    Work Experience Example for a Resume

    Social Media Manager:


    Social Media Manager
    ABS Fashion House
    New York, NY 10001
    Jul 2016 - Dec 2019

  • Improved existing social media strategy, which led to an average of 13% increase in engagement across all social media channels.
  • Facilitated a 20% increase in engagement across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook within 2 months at the company.
  • Collaborated and worked with 50+ fashion influencers to promote the brand.
  • Interacted with audience and customers across the platforms to increase trust and loyalty to the brand.
  • Primary School Teacher:


    Primary School Teacher
    Campbell Elementary School
    Katy, TX 77441
    Aug 1995 - Feb 2000

  • Collaborated with Learning Specialists to support the learning of all students.
  • Created daily lesson plans in English, math, and social studies for various students.
  • Introduced a novel behavior management program, which reduced incidents of unacceptable behavior by 80%.
  • Data Analyst:


    Junior Data Analyst
    HP, Inc
    Palo Alto, CA 94020
    Apr 2008 - Apr 2010

  • Completed market analysis of U.S. smart home industry, resulting in a 33% increase in sales.
  • Led up to five market research projects at a time to ensure projects are delivered to clients on time.
  • Car Salesperson:


    Car Salesperson
    East Valley Nissan
    Mesa, AZ 85206
    Jan 2014 - Oct 2017

  • Secured a 95% customer satisfaction rating on average
  • Recognized as regional top sales
  • Sold cars throught social media which saved the dealership $50K per year for the advertisement.
  • Banker:


    Personal Banker
    FirstBank Holding Company
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
    Nov 2019 - Nov 2021

  • Increased 30% of the sales throught customer referrals
  • Mentored one intern per quarter onboard
  • Software Engineer:


    Senior Web Developer
    Assured Consulting Solutions
    Reston, VA 20191
    May 1997 - Nov 2012

  • Implemented an email marketing system using PHPlist as the sending system.
  • Creating admin portal pages and vendor websites by using SPA architecture through AngularJS 1.6/2.0, typescript, NodeJS.
  • Musician:


    Five Birds Studio
    Miami, FL 144702
    Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

  • Recruited and instructed entry level/intermediate students in voice, keyboard and piano performance and music theory.
  • Performed at the University of Miami Anniversary Gala.
  • Customer Service:


    Customer Care Specialist
    Satellite Sky Co.
    Phoenix, AZ 85034
    Jun 2007 - Feb 2018

  • Trained entry-level customer services and resulting in a 10% decrease in company service cancellations.
  • Achieved an anverage 95% customer satisfaction rating for the group that I led
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