1. How do I change my resume template or theme colour?
  2. Once you create your resume you can change the design or template in a click. You need to go to the resume you want to change and click on to edit the resume. Once you have edited the resume, you can then click on the Preview on the right side.On the left, you will see various resume templates to choose from. You can always change or customize your resume in many ways by selecting a different template, changing the colour theme, activating/deactivating your photo, changing the language, selecting or deselecting the skills from master template.

  3. How do I Preview My Resume?
  4. As you start adding content to your resume, you can preview your resume in the template on the right side of the page. Your edits are reflected in the preview in Realtime.If you want a larger preview you can as well click anywhere on the preview page or click the preview button at the bottom right for a larger preview.

  5. Will my membership renew automatically?
  6. No, you will not be charged automatically without your consent. Unless you choose a preference called autorenewal.

  7. Will My Resume Be Public?
  8. Privacy is a human right. Wisedoc is strongly committed in protecting the privacy of users and has taken all the necessary and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of the user information.

  9. How do I register myself?
  10. You can register through wisedoc at the beginning and then always sign in through Facebook and google.

  11. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  12. Wisedoc will offer a full refund of the fee in 7 days to customers cancelling their subscription.

  13. How Do I Cancel, Downgrade or Delete MyAccount?
  14. You can downgrade or cancel your account any time right from the website. Once you're logged in and want to downgrade, goto “My Account-Profile-Delete your account/cancel”. In case you happen to come back and start your subscription you can always activate from where you have ended through signing in.

    Once you’ve cancelled you won’t be charged again, but you are responsible for all previously incurred charges. You can always download your resumes from the platform but in order to edit them you'll have to re-subscribe to a plan.